Achilles + Partners* is an international, multi-disciplinary team of experienced real estate development specialists and architects, acting as strategy advisors, planners and development managers with and for selected private and institutional investors.

We focus on conceptualizing, planning and initiating large scale, mixed-use urban and economic development projects and prepare innovative niche products in the residential and retail sectors. We are currently active in South America (Brazil), the Middle East (United Arab Emirates) and Europe (Germany, Russia) and connect these markets through cross-border investment structures and the cooperation with multi-national partners and consultants.

We set ourselves high standards for our projects and for how we conduct our business activities. With seriousness, integrity and passionate creativity we aim to add relevant and measurable value for all stakeholders.


*  “Achilles + Partners” is the new, unified name of the international companies of the same owners, previously named “Manan Partners Brasil Ltda.” (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, since 2013), “Achilles FZE” (Dubai, United Arab Emirates, since 2009) and the former “Achilles Real Estate Development GmbH” (Berlin, Germany).


…a real estate investment and development manager – prospecting, planning, initiating and managing large scale, mixed-use projects in partnership with private and institutional investors. We elaborate comprehensive “Integrated Development Plans” for promising investment opportunities, raise capital and guide the realization  of the projects with local partners.


…a developer with in-house design capabilities – creating urban planning and architectural design concepts, preparing design guidelines and cooperating with some of the world’s leading architectural design and engineering firms. We aim to differentiate our projects through better – more sustainable, resilient and efficient design solutions.


…a strategy and management consultant – providing first hand, reality proven advisory services to selected private clients. We advise real estate investors and developers on corporate and project levels, prepare business strategies and help setting up implementation processes, to enhance the client’s productivity and the quality and profitability of his products and services.



International experience and relationships

We have worked as real estate developers, consultants and planners in different international markets and with and for some of the sector’s leading organizations. That allowed us to build a network of close relationships with several larger international private and institutional real estate investors.

We prepare comprehensive project development/ investment memoranda and conduct focused road shows to support the fund raising and investment structuring efforts. Different project stages and risk profiles attract different investors with different targets and investment horizons: seed, venture and growth capital investors, real estate development equity investors and debt lenders, as well as long-term exit investors. We offer cross-border real estate investment consultancy services for selected clients.



Integrating economic and urban development strategies

Many of the projects we are involved in are located in emerging market environments. They require a different, more comprehensive and pro-active approach than projects in mature, more transparent, highly regulated real estate markets. We elaborate detailed socio-economic and sector specific market studies to identify relevant trends, potential demand drivers and likely target groups, before defining the mix of uses, the project phasing and specific catalyst projects. Strategic “business clusters” and themed destinations can anchor new locations and generate critical mass and attraction power faster and stimulate sustainable growth.

The inception stage of a real estate development project is the most critical phase to determine the value creation potential and associated risks over its entire life-cycle. Strategic decisions made at the front-end have the strongest impact on the final outcome, seed either success or failure. Once built, most assets have little flexibility in use beyond the original intended purpose. It is, thus, imperative to take an integrated, long-term view, anticipate the entire value chain and retain a high degree of adaptability.


Urban development value creation


Achilles+Partners enters into partnerships with private and corporate land owners to help them enhance the value of their properties through strategic planning and integrated development management services. A+P guides the process along the most critical initial steps of the value adding chain, beginning with the preparation of highest-and-best-use analysis, feasibility studies, followed by integrated development plans, concept design studies, assisting with the permitting and prospecting investors and strategic partners for the realization of the subsequent development and asset management phases. The cost for the initial planning activities are typically very low, compared to the high value adding potential of that phase.


“First we shape our cities and our buildings,
thereafter they shape us…”


Strategic AdvisoryMaster PlansUrban Mixed-UseDevelopment + Design ConsultancyNiche Retail ConceptsPrevious Project Experience

Development Management Services


Analyze the business opportunity – the commercial, technical and legal framework. Conduct own market studies and project due diligence.

Formulate a project vision, USPs and business models. Methodically elaborate business plans and development strategies.


Create design solutions and prepare own test designs. Contract, brief and guide third party architects and engineers. Obtain all relevant project approvals.


Identify strategic project partners, co-developers, anchor end users, raise capital and structure the investment partnership.


Prepare the project implementation, procure consultants and contractors. Cooperate with local project management and marketing partners.

└────────────── guide through “Integrated Development Plans” ──────────────┘


“Beginning with the end in mind”

Based on our comprehensive and profound knowledge of the entire real estate value chain and our experience of “having sat on different sides of the table”, allows us to take a holistic view and an integrated approach, from the outset. The inception stage of a real estate development project is the most critical phase to determine the value creation potential and associated risks over its entire life-cycle. Strategic decisions made at the front-end have the strongest impact on the final outcome, seed either success or failure. We manage the development process as partner, owner representative and always with an owner’s perspective, focusing on tangible, measurable results.



Sustainability is no longer an option but an imperative! It is not a burden, an unpleasant cost factor, but the real driver of future growth. All our projects are guided by integrated sustainability strategies, addressing environmental, social and economic aspects and aiming to maximize positive long-term impacts. We focus on the most effective “passive design strategies” to create resource-efficient structures and create highly attractive, livable built environments.


Design Focus

We create integrated product, business and design concepts, with a strong focus on design quality. We are both: real estate developers and planners/architects. Our approach to design is a rational, multi-disciplinary integrated approach, rooted in the tradition of the European “Baumeister” – combining the aesthetics of functionality, constructability and longevity. Urban and architectural design as “applied arts” of “grounded visionaries”. We aim to create unique, memorable spaces, which provide compelling experiences, buildings with character and dignity. We strive for highest quality simplicity, timeless elegance and apply innovative approaches (to construction, material, technical systems, etc.), were we see relevant, measurable value added to the end users and the environment. We strongly believe in the significant contribution of a well designed built environment to people’s behavior, their well-being, social interaction and creative and economic productivity.


Design Focus pic



Our international management team combines the strength and experience of seasoned real estate professionals, with complementary core skills – individually with successful delivery track records of more than twenty years in senior and chief executive positions with market leading real estate investors and developers. Our combined experiences and portfolios span across the entire real estate value chain, different asset classes and diverse geographic markets – in fast growing as well as declining market cycles. The team is lead by the company’s Founder and Managing Partner Heiko Achilles.

(See CV’s of Key People)

Our project teams are supported by an international network of trusted advisors and partners, adding specific expertise, contacts and hands-on support, when required.


Developing sustainable and resilient cities

Master planned, compact mixed-use, adaptable, efficient, self-sufficient, integrated, inclusive



For us “sustainable development” is nothing but the rigorous use of common sense, based on universal ethical principles and a sincere commitment to ecological, social, economic responsibility. This approach typically leads to clarity and simplicity of business models, product concepts and implementation processes.


Achilles + Partners Brasil – Empreendimentos e Participações, Consultoria Empresarial Ltda.
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